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Mona Edwards......

Mona Edwards is a Certified Professional Groomer with more than 5 years experience styling dogs and cats in both corporate grooming salons (PetSmart) and independently owned salons.  Hailing from Parker, Colorado she always yearned to live in the mountains.  Now she is!  


Mona's calm, even-keel demeanor and love for animals is evident in how the pets react to her gentle handling.  She has a "way" with young pups and those not as confident in grooming procedures.  Mona's skills as a groomer stem from years of specialized training and an intrinsic artistic talent.  She will wow you with her beautiful haircuts! Mona especially enjoys poodle cuts, "doodles do-s" & specialty breed cuts.   

Mona's artistry in the world of pet styling is mirrored in her love of oil painting and other creative venues which she pursues in her spare time.  She also enjoys hiking, swimming, rock climbing - Mona is game for any outdoor activity with friends!  At home she's entertained by Romeo, her fun loving cat.  

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