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What do our clients think? 

"We love how he looks after a haircut with you. We schedule our vacation trips to Steamboat based around Lewy's haircut appointments." Tony F., Denver, CO     9.25.18

"The Best in Town!"    2.7.18

"Great experience for my little rescue dog.  I've only had her a couple of months and she's been through a rough life. She looks beautiful, and seems to have done well. Thank you very much!" 10.5.18

"The groomers were so sweet to Guiness. They did a great job!" Kathi   9.14.18

"Great full body trim." Susan  9.25.18

"Sunny always looks 

awesome!!!  6.20.18

"Good patience with Otis. Thank you. "      5.16.18

"Friendliness, cleanliness, the dogs seemed happy when I picked them up" 5.10.18 

"Sir Oliver looks really good! Perfectly groomed. Thanks for the care and attention you give him." Cheryl   6.15.17

"The team at Steamboat Dog Spa are amazing!"    3.26.18

"We love you so much & are SO grateful for your services. Ziggy feels, smells and looks great too!"  Judith      8.7.18

"Excellent Care"  Corrine  9.22.18

"Thank you Beth & Team - She looks adorable :)"     2.22.18

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